Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hiatus Ended

Moving is a pain in the tookus.

This is known as conventional wisdom. When I posted Hiatus Claimed, I revealed that Ellie and I had been busy house-hunting, had bought a townhouse and would be busy with moving. Not admitted, but also on my mind, were the activities associated with settling in once moved, then preparing our original place for sale, listing it and selling it. My blog partner said he optimizes his life-style to minimize moving pain and moving still costs him a couple of months. "Moving is a pain in the tookus" dominated my consciousness as I decided on and declared my hiatus.

I am happy to report not only that we are moved and settled, but that it went far smoother than we could have dreamed. In addition, our original house is also sold, to people we both knew previously and with whom we have become better friends during the process.

I continue to desire to write and to tell stories; I have missed writing and posting to this blog; I hope you have missed reading my posts. The good news is that all moving, preparing, and selling has generated much story material, much of which I will weave into stories in the coming weeks. Please plan to read these stories, beginning next week with the intial phase of our journey. 
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