Monday, June 10, 2019

And Just Where Have I Been?

A better question might be, "Where is the Benjamin who last posted?"  I honestly don't know what the Benjamin of 2008 would have in common with the Benjamin of 2018.  We change so much in a decade, but some times of our lives bring more change than others.  This has been one of those times.  The 2018 Benjamin blogged.  Does the 2019 Benjamin?

My blogging partner motivated me to blog.  When he officially went on hiatus, I did too.  Now that his haitas has ended, I'll end mine as well.  I certainly have a lot of ideas bouncing around my head.

My journey started with that trip to Medellín, Colombia in January.  It was fantastic. I can and will go into more detail.  The brief takeaway is:

  1. I loved the weather.
  2. I felt very at home with the culture, and the city.
  3. I made some friends, who I have kept in touch with.
  4. The exchange rate is phenomenal.
  5.  I would move there tomorrow if I could keep my current job.

What I'm saying is, I wanted to see what the world has to offer, and I found it.   Years ago it was like a switch flipped in my brain telling me I needed to see the world.  Coming back from Medellín, a different switch was flipped.  I feel a little more grown up.  I know a little more about who I am inside.  I know where I want to be.

Instead of spending my vacation time exploring other places, I want to spend it moving closer to this city.  Later this week I will be going again for eleven days.  I plan to see friends, and do a little reconsince of the practicality of living there.  Things like an office, and housing.  I'm taking some Spanish and dancing lessons.

My trip to Medellín is where my journey started, and I expect it to end there too, but there is so much more to this journey.

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