Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hiatus Claimed

"Want to see it?"

I was speaking to a friend of mine about the current POTUS and the apparent inability to speak civilly to those who disagree with us politically. We seem intent on winning rather than finding truth.

"Character matters," she said simply; "Character matters."

I started a blog post on this topic when life happened.

Ellie and I had loosely been talking about moving to a townhouse; we don't enjoy yard work like we did, Ellie's arthritis is an obstacle to yard work even if she still enjoyed it, and the steep steps in our house, even to get in from the outside, are an issue.  We had decided on a realtor to both help us look for a townhouse and to sell our house. She was the woman who managed the sale of the property Ellie was the executor of three years ago. Though we had decided to wait until after Ellie's surgery ( early January ), Ellie had recently contacted her, just to stay in touch and let her know our real estate adventures would, in the "near future," be warming up.

"I have a town home right now that seems to meet your requirements. Want to see it?"

We made an offer on the place, which was not accepted, which broke our hearts ... and this experience both began our house hunting activity
in-earnest and super-charged it.

For no particularly good reason, I have been lackadaisical about posting for a while, and house-hunting has introduced more activities that have further pushed me from posting. All of this introduces the formal hiatus I am announcing. You see, we found another wonderful townhouse...and bought it!

This is very exciting, and driven in large measure by finding a place with most living space on one level. Ellie will no longer face fourteen steep steps just to end her day in the evening, or to begin her day in the morning. But it also means Ellie and I have four or so weeks to gather the thirty-six years worth of stuff we've acquired while in this house, evaluate it and implement the evaluation decision. All the while not renigging on other commitments, such as parish volunteer jobs, tutoring second grade math, helping Ellie get ready for her hip replacement surgery, prior social commitments with friends and the like.

S0 ... rather than feeling badly about not posting ( I will continue to so
feel ) I am explicitly saying I will not post again until 2019, hopefully January. There is nothing to be gained by pretending life is normal and posting as part of it will resume before that. Please keep us in your prayers ... for the sale of our house, our move, and Ellie's surgery.

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