Monday, October 8, 2018

Getting my Act in Order

I remember when I was young someone told me that the angles have infinite willpower.  That if you look at the stories from the bible, they seem to do everything deliberately.  They may decide to do what they are told, and they may decide not to, but it is always a choice.  It is never out of weakness.  As a lazy man, it really made me think.

I did give up eating animals.  It wasn't even hard.  My diet is healthier for it.  I would say I eat a healthy diet... and then I eat a ton of sugar.  The next step is to give up sugar, and I am making progress.  I'm doing really good, actually.  Normally I eat a dessert everyday; sometimes two.  I have only eaten dessert two of the last seven days, and one of those was a special occasion.  I really do see myself giving up dessert except for special occasions; maybe once a month.

I'm also committing to cooking more in the new home, and my plan is to cook more vegan food.  I'm not committing to become vegan.  That's not just a will power thing.  Eating food, and the eating experience, does bring me happiness.  That might be giving too much up.  But I think cooking more often, and making more of that cooking vegan, are reasonable goals.

I do think a maid will help with that.  Not that she will be doing the cooking, although that is a possibility.  I have a friend who had a maid for a few months, and she learned a lot about cleaning.  I think I'll learn a lot too, and be motivated to accomplish something myself.