Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Spanish is Easy...ier #2

This is just a boring update to my efforts to learn Spanish because all I've done in the past week is to try to learn Spanish.

The Rosetta Stone and Anki have been going great, but that's not even half the battle.  I'm still looking for the right source to "teach me" the grammar.  One interesting source is a guy who teaches what he calls Gringo Espanol.

He has an interesting approach.  For example, in English, you wouldn't say, "I eated the apple."  That's because "Eat" is an irregular verb.  But the thing is, if you did say, "I eated the apple," you would be understood %100 of the time.  He says that's pretty much true in Spanish as well.  So learning irregular verbs should be your very last step.  Learn enough Spanish to start speaking it poorly, then worry about not sounding like an idiot. 

Do you see why he calls his channel Gringo Espanol?  He talks about children, and says they're not better at the skills it takes to learn a language, or the memorization involved.  They're great at learning languages because they jump right in, and aren't afraid to make mistakes.

He has also explained what he calls the Puzzle Method.  That's where you look at a something written in Spanish; something you might be interested in.  Then start translating each word manually.  This part is easy, anyone can do it.  The hard part is the grammar.  The interesting part is, if you know the words, and understand the subject, you can usually figure out what they are trying to say.  That way you are figuring out the grammar, and learning how it works as you do.

He's a weirdo, but so am I, and he has some good videos on Youtube.  He has some more stuff behind a pay wall, and I am thinking about it.  I'm sure I'm describing his thoughts poorly.  If you're a native English speaker trying to learn Spanish, I definitely recommend checking him out.

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