Thursday, July 12, 2018

Convergence 2018 Wrap-up

I'm going to start with "the ugly."  Yeah.  It was not my best vacation.

The Ugly
As predicted, attendance was definitely down, and it was definitely the party crowd that sat this one out.  Many party rooms didn't happen.  The ones that did closed pretty early.

I don't really have an explanation for this next part, but even though more people paid than attended (because no refunds were given), they seemed to be very strapped for cash this year.  No snacks in the movie rooms, and instead of soup, they had packets of ramen.  The opening "comedy" production was something you would expect any random high school class might through together in a half hour.  And it turned out to be just a thinly veiled lecture on how men should not take advantage of women.  The punchline was literally that harassment is something men do to women.

The Bad
Speaking of which, they wasted quite a bit of my time going over how to not harass women, what our preferred pronouns are, and things like that.  A panel on meditation and mindfulness turned out to be a panel on how you can use meditation to overcome extremely stressful situations, like when the candidate you would prefer become president doesn't win.

The Good
Well...  Lower attendance meant they had the AC situation under control.  And it was easier to get into panels.  The Skeptchick people stayed away, so that was a plus.  And I really enjoyed a panel where two of the creators of Gargoyles talk about making it, and hopes to make more.

Plus, this new crowd was less drunk, less wild, and wearing more clothes.  Which is bad for me, but kids and parents seemed to take advantage of that.

I am very over the excitement of Convergence.  It once seemed like a chance to hang out with people who are like me, and share my interests.  I know now the average person there does share some interests, but they are nothing like me.

And this sounds a little silly, but being next to the Mall might be a factor too.  I think get a lot of my fill of people watching and the unique items for sale from there on a weekly basis.

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