Monday, April 9, 2018

Convergence 2018

On this snowy night in second winter, I'm reminded by my calender to request some days off.  That's right.  July 4th is only 86 days away.  Time to get crackin' on Convergence 2018.

I was never a Captain America fan.  He seems fine, if a bit plain.  Plain, mind you.  Not vanilla.  Vanilla is popular for a reason.  It's awesome.  But I do like his style, and I already have a great, very detailed, compression Captain America shirt.  I have a pair of blue pants, and some boots that will do.  All I need now is a shield, and a mask.

Marvel Classic Captain America Shield BackpackI could buy a $20 plastic shield, but Think Geek has a great licensed Captain American shield backpack for $60.  The plastic shield would do the job, but would be worthless outside of the costume.  The backpack should have year round applications, and looks a lot nicer.  Plus it comes with the straps to put it on my back.

And this mask seems fine.  They say it's a little big, but my head is on the larger size, and I'm sure I can alter it if I need to.

All in all, it's an $80 costume.  My budget is usually a couple of hundred.  But there is a hard part.

Convergence is only 12 weeks away, and I'm not exactly in super hero shape.  I have gained quite a bit of muscle since last year, and about 5 pounds.  Now, I'm not fat, mind you.  But I wouldn't feel comfortable in that costume at my current weight.

I can, and will, lose 5 pounds just before convergence through trickery.  That is, no salt for a few days, and going in with an empty stomach.  That sort of thing.  I would really like to lose an additional 15 pounds on top of that.  12 weeks is not enough time to expect to do that.  It will be nice weather (theoretically), so I'll be more active.  I will keep you posted.

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