Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Grandest of Canyons

I had a lot of fun in Vegas, and did a lot of the things I wanted to do.  One thing I did, but would never have chosen for myself, was an airplane tour of the grand canyon.  I'm glad I did.

My cousin suggested we see it.  And he immediately started talking about renting a car, and which areas we wanted to see.  I stopped him right there.  The grand canyon is a beautiful place, but I was not going to spend a full day of my vacation driving to and from it.  But I suggested we look into an air tour.

It started with them picking us up in a shuttle from our hotel.  The hotel had changed pickup locations due to some construction, so that got messy.  The driver went above and beyond making sure we all got on.  He could have easily left earlier, told us we were out of luck.  We regretted not having smaller bills to tip him.

They dropped us off at a small airport in Bolder, where we met our pilot.  It was a small craft, just the four of us, and a couple of others.  It was very professional.  I felt very safe, and saw much more of the grand canyon than I could have in a car.  We even saw people rafting down the river.  It was remarkable how the whole seen shifted from minute to minute.

The only person not taking photos was my cousin, who had left his phone on the shuttle.  That's where they really went above and beyond getting it back to us.  The driver actually called a couple of times to coordinate, and brought it right to us.  I still didn't have any small bills for a tip, but that didn't matter.  There was no way I was tipping this guy less than $20 anyways.

What I'm trying to say is, Papillon air tours.  Five stars!

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