Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Selling Myself an Ipad

I don't need a new tablet.  In fact, if a piano fell on my ipad mini tomorrow, I wouldn't need to replace it.  I would really want to replace it.  I use it all the time.  But it does everything I really use a tablet to do.  And if it was time to replace it, a $150 tablet would do the job just fine.  But then I saw the newest ipad pro.

It's thinner than my older ipad mini 2, and not a lot heavier given its bigger screen.  But it has a fingerprint sensor, an amazing display, and a better processor than any laptop I've owned.  Although, I have had my laptop for 15 years, and it wasn't the newest model when I bought it.  It does still get the job done.  People still comment on how thin, light, and fancy it looks.  Apple is good at that.  Then I played with its stylus, and it was all over.  But how can I justify a $701.08 tablet I don't need?  Here's how.

First, I shop around.  I was able to find an open box one on Ebay for $550, no tax.  And it has the cellular connection, which would be $841.51 buying new from Apple.  That's almost $300 savings right there.  It would practically be a crime not to buy it.

Then I hunt around.  It looks like Amazon will give me $80 for the one I have.  So it's really only a net expense of $470, if you think about it.

And my wise spending has meant I haven't needed to buy a new laptop in a decade and a half.  And this ipad pro does most things a laptop would do.  And I'll actually take it with me, unlike my 3 pound laptop.

So it was definitely a good idea to buy the ipad pro that I definitely didn't need.  Now onward to justify a $100 stylus I definitely don't need.

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