Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Japanese is not Easy #2

My first visit to Japan was for 3 days.  I didn't even open a Japanese phrase book.  It was really just a road bump on my big adventure, after all.  And I didn't even appreciate it like I could have.  It wasn't a break from my humdrum life.  It was the end of my Thailand adventure.  I was at the end of the longest vacation, by far, of my adult life and I was ready to be productive again.  I expected to like it as a vacation destination and was surprised to see it as a place I could live.  I'm really glad I'm getting a second shot at it.

Could I stay?  Well, they are more open to immigration than a lot of countries.  They have had a declining birth rate for many years, but not a declining population.  They've managed this by letting people in.  But I would probably need a business to sponsor me, or a woman to marry me.

The business would be tough.  Ideally, I would find a job where having a working knowledge of Japanese and English would be an advantage.  Unfortunately, there isn't a big need for native English speaking computer support technicians in Japan.  I would definitely like to explore that some when I'm there though.

I could definitely teach English there, but I don't think I'd be good at it.  There are organizations that help people come to Japan to teach English.  The crazy thing is, they think speaking Japanese would be nice, but having a 4 year degree in anything is essential.  Mine is a 2 year degree.  Although, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't need any help getting there to teach English if I did speak a fair amount of Japanese.

I'm getting a head of myself, or course.  Even if I continue to practice everyday, I still won't be fluid when I get there in 10 months.

Oh.  And my cousin's girlfriend from Japan things finding me a Japanese wife is something we can do one evening.  She says even offered to be my wingman in Roppongi.  So that's an option.

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