Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sour Grapes

My last post about becoming a flight attendant was hopeful.  I had some ideas to spruce up my resume.  Trying not to let my first rejection get me down.  The problem is, I have a severe case of sour grapes.

It started with the idea of getting a part-time job at the airport.  I was thinking a job as a ticket taker or ticket seller might be the best thing to get me in the door at a major airline.  It could be a spring board.  And that got me thinking.

My job is a lot better than those.  It pays better.  It has consistent hours.  It requires technical ability that I have.  I can walk there.  And that got me thinking.

My job is pretty great.  I've never made so much.  I'm appreciated for my ability to do it, and my reliability.  I'm exactly where 2008 Benjamin, working hard to put himself through school, wanted to me to be.  Designed for me to be.

So I ask myself if I really do want to be a flight attendant, and the answer is "Yes, but... I also want the job I have.  The life I have".  And that job has the benefit of being the one I already have.  I'm sure I'll have more thought in a couple of weeks when I get back from visiting with my cousin.  For now I'll walk to work, whistling a happy tune.

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