Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bright Light City

I'm less than two weeks away from my trip to Vegas, but it's definitely not the trip I intended.  The original plan was to spend five days alone in Vegas on my way to visit my cousin in Long Beach California, where I will spend three nights on his couch.  Then I told people.

The reason for stopping in Vegas was to have fun, but also scout out the city.  I'm thinking of moving there.  The first wrinkle is, my cousin wants to join me in Vegas too.  I'm happy to have my cousin with me, but that did mean less scouting.  Then he tells me, "Vegas is fun anytime, but you gotta be in Long Beach for the weekend."  Then another friend wants to join us.

Okay, I guess I'm only spending three days in Vegas, and with a couple of friends, so probably not a lot of scouting.  But lots of fun, and I'll get to bum around California.  Not a bad way to spend a week of Minnesota winter.  As I write this it's below zero.

I paid $90 for my flights.  I paid $190 for three nights at a 4 star hotel in Vegas, which I may be staying in alone, or not.  I'm gonna try to see Penn & Teller while I'm out there, and we're definitely planning on an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon.

And a whole 'nother trip to Vegas at a later date for scouting.

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