Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Cord(ial?) Mix-up

"Have I got a tale of woe for you!"

My wife has a Fit Bit and she very much enjoys the data she gets from it. This model has a replaceable strap and the connection to the device disconnected the other day. She thought that a little strange, but reconnected it and went about her business. It happened again a day or two later, then again more quickly. Eventually she was unable to reconnect it.

This caused her much angst. It was just after Christmas, very cold, and we anticipated that the Best Buy to which we'd go would be overrun, both generally and especially the Customer Service desk. Both the frigid temperatures and the prospect of large crowds were very off-putting, but she didn't want to be without her Fit Bit.

Adding to the downside of going, Ellie didn't share my optimism that we'd walk into the store, tell our story and walk out satisfied. "It's never that easy. We'll have to wrangle with them." So she thought, even though we had Geek Squad Protection ( GSP, as I've learned they affectionately call
it ).

She addressed this very creatively. She clear packing taped the strap to the device. Except that didn't work. She tried masking tape; that worked like a charm. It looked funky at the edges of the device, but the device was completely functional, didn't separate from the strap and, uncharacteristically, she was unconcerned about appearances. Still, she was antsy to get a replacement.

The day after New Year's was only moderately cold, a significant improvement over frigid, and it was long enough after Christmas that we figured the crowds would've dispersed. So we bundled up and set out. We got to the Customer Service person quickly, showed her our receipt for the GSP and told our story. "Well, you can just go get another one," she said, without batting an eye(lash).

"Just like that?" Ellie asked.

"Yup," she said. "Just bring it back here. I'll hold your old one."

We quickly found another copy of the same model ( our calculation about minimal crowds was spot on ) and took it to the Customer Service desk. The rep quickly worked her register and, just before finishing, said, "OK, I think that's it. The GSP covers the cost of the device. Do you want GSP on the new one?"


"Very good," she said as she touched the touch-screen a few more times. "Do you have the charging cord for your old device? If not, I'll have to take the charging cord from the box as I have to have a charging cord to return."

We figured we'd need this; Ellie got out her charging cord, gave it to the clerk, and we left … happy campers.

At home, setting up the device, Ellie realized two things: she had two black charging cords to choose from, her original one and the new one; her Smartphone charging cord was missing. We realized, simultaneously, she had given the clerk a white cord, her Smartphone charging cord.

Ellie called the phone number on the receipt, hoping to talk to the CS desk, or, better, the woman who had helped us, whose name we remembered. Unbelievably, that was not possible. The person on the phone suggested returning to the store as soon as possible.

Being very gallant, I said I'd go; "You wait here, keep the home fires burning, stay warm."

The Customer Service clerk was not the one we had spoken with. I smiled at her, "Have I got a tale of woe for you!"

She returned my smile, "Shoot."

I told her what had happened; she said, "Hmmm," went to a cart full of stuff, rummaged around a bit and pulled out what looked like a long narrow baggie with a white cord in it. "Is this it?"

Grateful as I could be, I looked at the cord, saw that it looked like Ellie's, and saw the LG stamped on the USB connector. "Yes, that's it!" I exclaimed.

"So … ," she said in somewhat measured tones, "you have the old Fit Bit charging cord?"

"I am prepared for that question!" I gave it to her and left the store thanking both the digital gods and my God for being with me that night.

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