Monday, October 30, 2017

Learning the Ways of the Hoop

My weight loss plans slow to a crawl, but that's really okay.  I feel like a guy at the end of the pack, walking to the finish line of a marathon.  I never wanted to be first, I just wanted to get there.  It's taking weeks for a single pound to fall off, but these pounds are coming with subtle changes to my figure.  And that has me thinking about where I want to end up.

I'm not weak or feeble, but I think part of me is.  I'm just not very flexible or coordinated.  I can't touch my toes, for example.  I never could.  Something like yoga seems like the best solution, but that's not super convenient for my life at the moment.  I looked around, and came upon the hula hoop.

Hula hooping is exactly the kind of thing I fail at.  I don't have the coordination, and I don't have the stomach muscles to hula it.  It seems a lot like my 100 push ups, in the sense that I can do it in my living room, without any  investment, and should have real results with just a minute a day.  I spent the $3.

Well, I hate my $3 hula hoop.  It has beads inside to make a noise.  It also had a warning sticker marked, "Do not remove."  I removed it, because I did not intend to break it open and choke on the beads.  Turned out that was a load bearing sticker.  The hoop is now held together with staples.

I should replace it with one that is not a toy.  It looks like a non toy version will be called a dance hoop, or a fitness hula hoop.  I should also stop making excuses.  I tried it, and it's hard.  My first few attempts are only adding a single rotation to my initial spin.  Day 2 wasn't any better.  I don't like to keep failing, but Yoda is full of it.  "Try" is real, and it's exactly what I plant to keep doing.

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