Monday, September 25, 2017

Turned Down for What?

Flight attendant. : - P

This is not at all surprising.  Delta hires less than 1% of the people who apply.  I certainly don't blame them for not picking me.  I don't even blame them for turning me down in a form letter without ever actually talking to me.  They just don't have the resources when you have so many applicants.  This does make things difficult for me though.

Difficult because I don't have great direction about where to go from here.  None of the positive changes I made even came up, because I didn't get that far.  I can only wonder if I could have improved my resume, or answered the questions on their personality assessment better.

I created my resume with a lot of help from someone who does recruiting for a Fortune 500 company.  It does highlight my technical experience.  She has agreed to rework it with me to highlight customer service experience.  The other thing I can do is add to it.

Adding experience as a flight attendant is one thing can do.  I might have to get some experience at a smaller airline for that.  A different job at Delta might be helpful too, but it wouldn't make sense to abandon my career in tech support for a job I don't want.  I am keeping my eye out for tech support jobs at airlines.

The other things I can do are to become certified in safety related abilities like CPR, or learn Spanish.  I have real problems with blood, but I think I'll try.  Both are doable, and as before, they'd be positive changes even if I never end up becoming a flight attendant.

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