Monday, August 21, 2017

New Plan - Fast Track Edition

I set my sites on becoming a flight attendant over 6 months ago.  I gave myself over a year to apply, with specific goals in mind.  I've been doing very well at those goals, and only idly doing the research on actually getting the job.  I have another 6 months before I even start looking, right?  Well...

My main goal is Delta.  That's the airline my cousin has worked for for 20 years.  It's the one he recommends.  My limited research tells me it's the best.  Not just the best to work for, but it has great international travel perks that others don't necessarily have.  The new wrinkle is that they only hire once a year, and the time is very soon.

I'm really only 95% sure they're hiring soon.  All I say is they have done this historically, and people who work for Delta think they're hiring soon.  They usually hire in September, and train for eight weeks starting in January.  I guess my cousin knew this, but didn't really connect the dots for me.  I've given it some thought, and here are all of the scenarios that seem likely.

1. I apply now, and I'm turned down.
In this scenario, I'll be glad I applied.  I will be more prepared to apply next time than if I hadn't.

2. I apply, get hired, and get posted to MSP.
I am very conveniently located to MSP.  I see flight attendants in and near my apartment building all the time.  It's two stops down the light rail that I live on.  And my research tells me MSP is a likely posting, even if they placed me randomly.  It looks like it's one of the four places they send all new hires.  I'd be happy I applied.

3. I apply, get hired, get posted somewhere else, but don't start until March.
My cousin tells me that there are two training sessions.  The first starts in January, and the second starts right after.  I can't find anyone else saying that, but if true, I'd be happy I applied in that situation.  I'd be out two months rent, but wouldn't be paying rent anywhere else at that time.

4. I apply, get hired, get posted somewhere else, with training starting in January.
This is the darkest timeline.  I'd build up some credit card debt having lost 4 months rent while taking a pay cut.  Still pretty good though.  It looks like I'd be making more money than I do now a year from that.  Also, the reason the pay is low is because I'd be working fewer hours to start.  That means I would probably be able to use my current apartment quite a bit.

The sort answer is, I'm gonna do it.  I'll apply, and see what happens.  I'll let you know.

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