Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Losing my Generation

When I was a kid, the new adults were Generation X.  No one really questioned that.  But they were calling my generation, Generation Y.  That seemed so generic to me.  It seemed the difference between my generation and the one before was more pronounced than usual, and Generation Y made it feel like we were riding their coattails.

Then Lisa Simpson called us, including herself, the MTV generation.  Approaching 18, if I had to name one thing my generation had in common, it was the Simpsons.  Letting them define us seemed right.  I never really thought about it again for the next 20 years.

Then there was all of the talk about Millennials ruining whole industries with their ways that are different.  I finally looked into it, and was surprised to find out this is the new name for my generation.  I turned 18 in the year 2000, and just snuck in.  Two people I've mentioned this to said, "Technically, I guess."  But is it?  I feel like I fit many of these stereo types.

I don't buy napkins.  This is because paper towels are superior.  They are conveniently dispensed, and are flexible in length.

They say we're self centered.  I think this complaint is entirely about posting about ourselves online, which I do.  This is exactly like telling someone about your day... but online.  The difference is that we're more active online than the last generation.

They say we're lazy.  I think this is about hiring out different tasks.  I do that for sure.  Like living somewhere that provides maintenance instead of owning and maintaining my own home.  Or replacing something that could be repaired.  This is called specializing.  Time has value however you spend it.  I prefer to spend more time working my job so I can afford to pay to replace something, instead of spending that time trying to repair it.

And this business about avocado toast being frivolous is just silly.  For the nutrition offered, avocados are not a bad deal at all.  I do eat avocados when they're in season, and they're pretty great on toast with a little olive oil and pepper.

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