Thursday, August 17, 2017

In Need of Mercy

Just about a year ago, concerned about the possibility of a Trump presidency, I posted a poem, "our democracy is fragile." After experiencing 200 or so days of President Trump,  witnessing the ugly demonstrations(s) in Charlottesville, Virginia, and hearing the President's vacillating response to those demonstrations, I claim, sad to say, my fear was prescient.

No Right to Kill 

Values clash
Nazis, white supremacists,
counter protestors.
Incompatible ideals.

A cowardly supremacist,
What could he have been thinking?
weaponized his automobile,
injured nineteen … killed one.

This ‘supreme’ white drove
into a human sea, people
running as best they could.
Defenseless versus the weapon.

I vigorously defend beliefs,
values, and free speech.
But don’t kill the defenseless.
May God help me forgive.

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