Monday, July 17, 2017

Theological Skepticism #7

A while back a friend visited her sister's family for Easter.  They are Catholic, so they attended church together as part of their Easter plans.  Now, they would have gone to church anyways, being a Sunday.  What was different for my friend was the church.  She mentioned in passing that this church is very "progressive," which she doesn't mind in general.  But she went on to say that she, "Doesn't know what to think about gluten free host."

All of my Catholic friends seemed to agree that this is a real conundrum.  As they see it, there's not supposed to be any gluten in the host.  It should be transformed into human flesh.  There's no gluten in human flesh.  But on the other hand, you don't want to exclude people with gluten allergies from participating.


This seems to me to be the definition of willful ignorance.  It's supernaturally transformed into Jesus, or it isn't.  If it's Jesus, there's not gluten.  If it's not Jesus, there is gluten, but no compelling need to eat the ordinary pad of bread.  The only reason to use gluten free bread is for people with:

1. Gluten allergies.
2. Know it's just pretend.
3. Would like to continue pretending.

This was back on my mind today because the Catholic church just released an official statement on the subject.  Gluten free bread is not a suitable material to transform into Jesus.  It can't be used.  However, low gluten bread is allowed.  Wow.  Way to intentionally miss the point.

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