Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grooming 101

I recently added grooming to my list of goals this year.  A lot of little things go on that list, but there's one big one at the top.  My arch nemesis: shaving!  Flight attendants can't have neck beards, and I can't shave every day.  It's a conflict I've been working on for years.

No one showed me how.  My mother bought me an electric razor when I was in junior high, and I walked around with razor burn to some degree for the next few years.  It was the right tool for me.  It didn't get too close, and I eventually learned to make multiple light passes so it didn't irritate the skin too much unless it was very humid.

Over the years I experimented with various razors and creams, with limited success.  Then there was the horrifying price of my limited success.  As I learned to shave closer, the ingrown hairs started.  That's a problem I never solved.  As I dug a thick black half inch hair out of my neck the other day, I decided it's time.  I grabbed the phone, and made some more phone calls.  I eventually spoke to a place that does laser hair removal that actually gave their prices.

For just the neck, they charge $75 to $100 per session, depending on how good of a candidate you are.  And I'm a very good candidate.  My skin is very light, and my hair is very dark.  They tell me I'll need something like a session every 6 weeks for a year, and about twice a year after that.  But they think I need my hair removed.

Each time you have laser hair removal, it damages the hair follicle, on purpose.  It causes the hair to grow back finer and finer until it doesn't come back.  Most of their clients are transgender people, but thin is close enough for me.  Close enough to stop the onslaught.  Wish me luck!

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