Monday, July 10, 2017

Convergence 2017 Wrap Up

The convention was good.  I had fun.  As usual, there was nothing I would call a, "must see."  But there's always something fun going on.  And It's always fun to hang out with people who've gone way deeper into the sorts of things I'm interested in.  I came away with a few things to look into, like always.

It seemed to me the Skeptchicks had a much smaller presence, with is always good from my point of view.  I experienced many fewer instances hearing white straight biological men being slandered for how we were born.  Not zero, mind you.  In general, I would say they were much less political, but still very political.

As for me personally, I kept failing at my Nightwing costume.  I ended up just painting the decals on a body suit, and cutting the mask out of black felt.  It turned out good, not great.  It looked home made, which has it's own appeal.  I also bought a Robocop outfit, but didn't wear it.  I was sick of sucking in the last of my gut after a day of Nightwing.

Coming out of this, I felt a little disparaged by the club I'm involved with, and the volunteer system at the convention.  The club a big presence at the convention, and it's kind of the one big thing I do with them.  Most other events are in the evenings, and run into the hours I work.  Many of my volunteer hours at the convention didn't get logged this year, so it looks like I won't have a hotel room next year.  If I'm not living in Minnesota by then, I might just go to some other convention instead.

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