Monday, July 24, 2017

Back Dirt Side

In my Convergence wrap up, I hinted I was feeling a little disparaged by the club I'm in.  That would be the official Honor Harrington fan club.

It's a fun idea for a club.  It's broken down into chapters called ships.  An area would hold a fleet of ships, and each ship would center around a subject of interest.  Different posts on a ship would correspond to a different job.  The Comm office might be in charge of communicating with other groups and relevant business, for example.  And of course the command staff commands.

The problem at Convergence was with my commanding officer.  Volunteering with my club was also volunteering for convergence at this point.  After spending hours lifting heavy equipment to help out my club at Convergence, I was told we didn't have one minute to sign my Convergence volunteer slip.  Not in those words, of course.

I missed out on a t-shirt, which is not a big deal, but it really was just a slap in the face.  In that moment, I knew I'd never volunteer on that project again.  It wasn't a huge leap to see that, this club really isn't for me.

I've been involved for few years, since the moment I saw 50 people together dressed in the uniform of a space navy from an obscure sci-fi series I had been reading.  But time passed, and I never did get close to anyone in this group.  And their events never really worked within my schedule.  The truth is, it was time to go, and I'm a little grateful someone gave me the kick in the pants I needed.

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