Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Plan Progress #4

Things are going well.

Today, I claim victory.  On my last update I was 20 pounds over my then current guess at my ideal weight.  I've lost 10 pounds since then, and am now 20 pounds over what the more generally accepted charts say.  And the truth is, it doesn't matter.  I have some amount of weight left to lose, and I will for personal reasons.  But at this time, no one would describe me as overweight.  Today I'm done losing weight for professional reasons.

I've stopped carefully tracking my spending.  I know I could do better if I did.  I am doing very well though, and will be paying off one of my credit cards completely next month.  I continue exceeding my goal of $500 a month.

I think I'm doing fairly well at speaking clearly when talking to customers at work.  When talking to friends, I lose focus.  The point is to be able to speak clearly at work, and in a job interview, so I'd say I'm doing well.

I'm going to add grooming to this list, as I'm going to be taking Food off, having conquered it.  I'd like to learn to shave better, for starters.  I'm sure there's more I should be working on.  More to follow.

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