Monday, June 19, 2017

Convergence 2017 #2

Plans have gone awry.

Since my last post, it occurred to me that the compression shirt I got was so detailed, and so well made, it would be half a costume on it's own.  That is, if the costume didn't require any headgear or weird props; green lantern, for example.  Then it hit me.  Nightwing.

There is a Nightwing television show in the works, and a fan panel at the convention.  Plus, he's known for being the hot one.  A Nightwing compression shirt, plus a black body suit, would be all I need for a Nightwing costume from the neck down.  Then I'll just need the mask.  So I bought what I needed online.

The first disappointment was the Venom costume.  I bought an extra large, and I'd need to be about a foot shorter to fit.  It's not even close.  Asian sizing, I guess.  Venom is out this year.

Then the Nightwing shirt arrived.  It wasn't a compression one like the previous one I purchased.  Plus this extra large was at least two sizes too big.  But all is not lost.  I plan to cut the emblem off of it, and attach it directly to the body suit.  And the body suit is off amazon.  If that's not right, it can be swiftly swapped out.

As for the mask, I'm making it out of acrylic paint and liquid latex.  It should be pretty cool, and fun.  I have everything I need.   I'll post pictures when I'm done.

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