Monday, May 8, 2017

Reflections on Life in My New Place

I've been at my new place a couple of weeks, and it's been pretty great.  I thought I'd run down the pros and cons, but I should warn you, the con list will be a short one.


Hot water, and lots of it.  I've only ever experienced water pressure like this in an apartment complex, and never this good.  The shower head is one of those rain forest types, with a separate detachable sprayer closer to waist level.  It's also the biggest bathroom I'm ever had, with a door separating the sink area.  I've seen that overseas, and loved it.  One unexpected benefit of that is the mirror never gets fogged up.

A spray attachment in the kitchen as well, and the garbage disposal has been surprisingly great.  I haven't intentionally put anything in it, but it never occurred to me how great it is to be able to let anything from my dishes just go down the drain.  I have a dishwasher, but I'm not really sure how and when to use it.

The stove is induction.  I'm not sure where to put this one.  It turns out only two pieces of my cookware work on induction, and it's taking some time to figure out how to use it at all.  I'm putting this in the pro column because my old cookware wasn't good anyways, and everyone says induction is better.  It's supposed to be much faster, safer, and use less energy.

A new home is a great time to form new habits.  I have not eaten in bed once.  I have been using my dinning room table.  I'm happier this way, and my bed is cleaner.  Just having a roommate means it's not okay to leave things lying around, so I don't, which is great.

Walking to work has been amazing.  I've actually been doing more walking, with much less travel time.  I've been pretty busy with life and moving, and this extra time has helped.  And when doing that life stuff, the extra mobility living near a transit hub provides has been amazing.

This place probably has about twice the laundry facilities that they could get away with.  It's great being able to do multiple loads at once.


I would like more freezer space.  I had been using 75% of my freezer before, so that's a 33% reduction right there.  I'm looking into getting a shelf so we can make the most of that though.

I am paying more, even after saving on transport costs.  If my time has value though, I am definitely coming out ahead.

It's just as noisy as my last place, but the noise is much more intermittent.  Earplugs while sleeping is a solution.  It would be nice not to need them, but at the same time, it was my plan to train myself to use them.

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