Monday, May 22, 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Ducks

The other day I saw my mother for Mother's Day.  We had breakfast, and I bought her some traditional Mother's Day soda pop and cigarettes.  It is what she wants.  Then on the short walk back she got a look of panic on her face, and grabbed my arm.  It took me a moment to find the source.  A mother duck and about 8 chicks were trying to cross a very busy intersection.

There was a time that this was the most dangerous intersection in the nation, measuring by accidents per minute.  I grew up on the east side of Saint Paul Minnesota, and don't recommend it.  That particular intersection isn't as bad as it once was, since it was renovated a few years ago.  Still, not a super safe place for ducks to cross.

After a car narrowly avoided them, I was able to guide them away from the street, and into an alley.  But what now?  There was lake about two miles away, but there was no way for us to get them there.  After trying the DNR, Raptor Center, and Animal Control, it turns out this isn't something our society is set up to help with.  They were on their own.

I'm a practical person.  I moved on.  My mother on the other hand kept suggesting that praying for the duck will help them, or envisioning them by the lake will help.  I'm pretty sure life doesn't work that way, but I would like to help her feel better.  Eventually I got curious, and asked, "Have you ever eaten duck?"

Her response surprised me.  She said "yes", and  immediately went into how she does and does not like her duck prepared.  It seemed to be the perfect subject to get her mind off of the ducks in danger.  I know at one time I must have compartmentalized my thoughts the same way.  I probably still do to some degree.  It's got to make you think though, right?

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