Monday, April 24, 2017

New Plan Progress #3

Time for my monthly progress report.

I've been eating cheaply and healthily, while making most of my own food.  I am completely failing at documenting any of it, which I know is the key to making real progress.  The truth is, I've been extra short on time because of moving, and am just now getting to the point where I have extra extra time because of that move.  But, I am only 20 pounds overweight, which is half the extra pounds of the average American.  Plus I finally upped my game to 50 pushups a day.  I do want to buckle down and get to "height weight proportional," but I'm absolutely not about to start beating myself up for doing good instead of excellent.

Speaking of things that are "good," have you seen my credit report?  I believe for the first time as an adult my credit report has me above 700, which is the cut of for "good".  Part of that is the credit agencies noticing all of the money I've paid off of my credit cards.  Part of it is that I finally succeeded in fixing an error that I've been working at correcting for some time.  And this isn't even factoring in my credit card payments this month, which were more than a $1,000.  Again, there's room for improvement, but I'm very happy.

I'm less happy here.  I have been concentrating on speaking more clearly when interacting with my customers at my job, but that's about it.

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