Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We've Got Spirit, Yes we Do!

And now a tale of glorious redemption.  A few weeks ago I wrote about a $367 typo.  In a nutshell, I had purchased two of my four tickets for Costa Rica incorrectly, and they needed to be repurchased.  That was a very unfortunate mistake on my part.  But in addition to my mistake, the person at the ticket counter told me I would need to repurchase one of the other tickets as well.  Something about not being allowed to use a ticket for a connecting flight if I hadn't also used the ticket for the flight I was connecting from.

So that's how I ended up buying two tickets for the exact same flight.  Now at the time I didn't name names.  I was unhappy to say the least, but I wanted to talk to the airline, and give them a chance to sort this out before I said something publicly.  Now I can say, the airline is Spirit, and they totally redeemed themselves, and then some.  Not only did they refund that last flight, but they refunded the first two, the two that were entirely my mistake.

What more can I say?  They are a no frills airline, but they are the cheapest, and they did the right thing when they didn't have to.  And how much time do you spend up in the air anyways?  My advice is to take Spirit, especially if you can get way with a large "personal carry-on" instead of paying for a traditional carry-on.  Then spend all the money you saved on your vacation.

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