Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Plan Progress #2

Or should I say "regress"?  No.  Not really.  But this month was no victory.

The month started with a plateau.  That's where your body panics after a quick weight loss, and tries to stop you from losing more.  Having lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks, this was not a surprise.  Plateaus do pass after 2 or 3 weeks though.  The short story is, I wasn't going to lose a lot of weight this month.

Then I worked a very exhausting 11 days, where these goals had to take a backseat.  That was followed by a 10 day cold where I completely gave up on them, and focused on keeping my job and social commitments.  I know I ate about the amount of calories to maintain my current weight, but I didn't document anything, and haven't been on the scale in weeks.

Speaking of not documenting things, I haven't been documenting my budget either.  I know I took in $500 more than I spent, but that's about all I know.  And I only did that well because I earned some extra pay from working all that overtime.

As for my speaking goals, I gave them zero effort.

But my major goals are looking great coming out of a bad month.  I did reduce my debt by $500, which is what I need to do each month.  My weight is about the same, but there isn't anything I was going to do about that during a plateau anyways.  And I'm feeling better, and ready to tackle those goals anew next month.

Next month I'll also be:
1. Moving closer to work, so I'll have lots of free time.
2. Moving to a place with pools, yoga classes, and workout equipment.
3. Getting a tan.  I got 5 sessions for $40 to get me started, and plan to tan the natural way after that.  I think getting and maintaining a tan will improve my overall health, appearance, and outlook.

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