Thursday, March 30, 2017

Conservative? Democrat? NoLabel

I … intend to volunteer my time to the greater good.

I have flirted with the idea of working in politics for a while … not as a candidate for office, but in some other capacity. Hopefully not knocking on doors and/or making phone calls, either. In the back office, or something. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency has heightened my desire to do that, to make some contribution to our republic.

While I consider myself an independent thinker and voter, I usually find myself voting for the Democrat, so my first instinct was working for the Democratic Party. And this has its appeal / except it’s working for the Democrats. The Dems do not excite me. Their nomination of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential Election … “blooming” sad. She ran against one of the least popular and clearly the least qualified GOP candidate in a long time and could not win.

Clearly we need change, she talked change, but didn’t embody it — or something. I believe Trump called it properly when he said her program would take the failed initiatives of upper New York ( full disclosure, which I knew {next to} nothing about ) to the whole country. The Democrats’ plan(s), as experienced and anticipated by me, felt heavy-handed and restricting in very important ways.

Like passing a law in Minneapolis to make the minimum wage $15 per hour and require all employers to give eight weeks of pregnancy leave to all mothers. These may be fine ideas, but if St Paul and surrounding communities don’t have similar requirements Minneapolis’s businesses will dry up in a hurry. Democrats do not seem to get that. At all. I am not saying they don’t get it; I am saying they don’t seem to. And that is the party I normally vote for.

I believe the country needs change … we voted for Trump, we must be in bad need of something. Clearly, I think, Hillary didn’t have it; but the Democrats put her out there. Neither she nor they, apparently, knew she didn’t have what we’re in bad need of. As I told in my back-story, I held my nose and pulled her lever.

Sometime last year, I discovered an organization that struck me as possibly being able to facilitate working on the common good from ground somewhere between the polar right and polar left. I previously wrote about this group relative to giving Neal Gorsuch a full hearing versus making it impossible to get a hearing in the first place. The organization is NoLabels. I interpret the name to mean labeling those with whom we disagree with any label is to make them less than human and not worth talking to. The use of labels, then, does nothing save polarize the populace.

Its internet home page pops up this window

and its premise is that it is possible to get divergent groups working together to solve this country’s real problems. The first step in such a task is to get the people to talk to one another.

I heard a NYTimes columnist speaking to a group of NPR listeners say something like, “NoLabels, and a couple other groups, are trying to do the impossible … make working from the center as sexy and exciting as working from the extreme ends.” While it might be that difficult, working for/with NoLabels excites me. I have become a member and intend to donate my time to the greater good.

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