Monday, February 27, 2017

New Plan Progress #1

It may seem early for a progress report on a plan that I just posted about two weeks ago.  It definitely would be, but I had been working this plan while I was still in Costa Rica and I hit the ground running.  This is a short month, the shortest of all moths, which is good because I've started with reasonable goals.

Goal: Document every calorie I eat, and try to only eat out with friends.
Reality: I did document every single calorie.  I also cut out a lot of calories.  I expect to have lost about 8 pounds by the end of the month.  I'm very pleased, but this is the area I have the most experience in.  As far as making my own food goes, I really only cheated and ate out on my own three times so far.  I even made my own hummus from dried chick peas.

Goal: Document everything.
Reality: I did document every purchase.  I would probably be satisfied with how much I paid off my credit card this month if I couldn't see how much I wasted as well.  Some of it was one time expenses like a deposit on an apartment, and a couple of years worth of prepaid minutes for a cell phone for my mother.  I spend more on gifts than I thought.  But I definitely spent less on food, and am eager to do better next month with this new information.

Goal: Do some research.
Reality: I have made a concerted effort to speak more clearly while speaking to customers, and that has gone well.  I've learned that concentrating on enunciating does slow me down, and is easier than focusing on the speed.
I've also learned that strengthening your diaphragm is supposed to give you more voice control and range.  You can exercise these muscles by making a loud "shushing" sound.  My goal next moth will be to work on shushing daily, maybe a 30 times a day to start.

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