Monday, February 20, 2017

Life Beyond Roads

I'm ready to say that the tentative new plan is to try to be a flight attendant.  Or is this just a refinement of my original plan?  This plan does bring me out of Minnesota, but on a much grander level, and a grand lifestyle change.

The pay would be low for at least the first year, but at the same time, many of the things I currently spend money on wouldn't be necessary.  They often feed you for example.  I'd also be out of town for at least half the week, so I could get a bed at a "crash pad" like a lot of other flight attendants.  And those two or three nights a week when I have layovers, the airline would put me up somewhere nice.  On my days off I could entertain myself by flying anywhere I want for free.

Then the pay gets better.  From what he tells me, I think I'd be good at picking up the shifts people don't want.  I'd also get some prime routes by working nights, holidays, and just by being the flexible person I've always been.  The median earnings of a flight attendant is slightly higher than what I'm currently earning, and that doesn't count all the perks.

I do need to make some changes, and they will take time.  I've also already committed to signing a one year lease on an apartment with a friend, so lets call that our time frame.  I'm giving myself fourteen months to prepare.

I need to put a major dent in my credit card debt.
I'm thinking of getting a second job with all the extra time I'm getting from the move.  But even if I didn't, I could have it mostly paid off by then just by being a responsible adult.  I am making more than I ever have, so I have no excuses.  I've started keeping close track of my spending using the Mint app.

I need to learn to eat cheaper, and more healthy.
This is to lose some weight, and also to prepare for a temporarily lower income.  I think I'm already on my way to that.  I've decided to stop eating out unless I'm with friends.  I've also started keeping close track on my food using the Myfitnesspal app.

I'd like to learn to communicate better.
That means learning to talk slower, and enunciating more clearly.  I do have some ideas for that.

I need to be hired.
I think I'm a great interviewee.  I think this one will be in the bag if I can accomplish my other goals.

I came back from my trip free of the rut I've been in.  I'm mentally prepared to make some real changes.  I think I can do this.  And if I change my mind later, these are very positive changes I'm making.

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