Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Resolution 2017

I was reading Thomas Sowell's new book Wealth Poverty and Politics, which I would recommend, and before I finished, he died.  I always found him to be a voice of sanity in the field of economics, and we'll all be a little worse off without him.  But he did live a full life, dying in his 80's.  That was not true of everyone who died this year.

This year was rough.  Not for me, but the world at large.  I hope the next will be less so.  But it got me thinking about ways I'd like to improve my life this year.  I titled this post "New Year's Resolution 2017" because I think it might be worth starting a tradition.  Here we go, in no particular order.

  1. Spend ten minuets a day learning to meditate.  I really like the Headspace app, but I haven't been making the time to use it.
  2. Read my CCNA study guide for at least ten minutes every day.  More about that in in a later post.
  3. Stop eating in bed.  When I'm at home, I'm usually in my bed.  I think I'd be happier using my table as a table and my desk as a desk, and the need arise.
  4. Prioritize sleep.  I'm often dragging because I didn't get proper sleep.  Maybe I didn't go to be early enough.  Often times I did, but didn't sleep well because it's a particularly bright day, or because the little girls I live next to were playing loudly.  I bought myself earplugs and a sleeping mask, and I plan to get in the habit of using them.
  5. Eat out less.  I do it because I'm lazy.  I've been successful at making the couple of things I tried.  I could have better and cheaper food if I put in a little effort.
  6. Be cleaner.  I spent an hour sprucing up earlier this week.  If I did this every week, I'd live in a presentable place.
  7. Fix up my credit.  I don't just mean I should pay off my credit card.  I should.  But I also need to fix a couple of errors, and try not to encourage any more.

I plan to move very close to my work within a few months, with a roommate.  That extra time should help with 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.  And there has actually been talk about looking into a maid.  It shouldn't be very expensive for two people in a small apartment.

The last day of this year is a day for me to post.  Expect a new list by then, and a review of how well I did this time.

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