Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Secret Plan

Okay, okay.  We're close enough to the election to tell you the secret plan.

What I told you was Gary Johnson can't win, and Hilary Clinton can't lose.  Let's address that "was" right away.  You may have heard that the FBI is again looking into the crimes Clinton and her staff committed.  She did actually admit to having done the acts that are illegal, but claims they're not really guilty because she's a lawyer who didn't know they were illegal.

I thought she had made the right deals to make that go away, and I still think that, but the new evidence is actually too hard to ignore.  You might say I was wrong about that fact.  And I was definitely wrong about the fact that her campaign has access to other racist and sexist materials from Donald Trump.  I'm still sure it's out there, but I guess she's not as powerful as I thought, or she have it.  If she had it, we'd have it by now, and we don't.

But this only helps the plan.  You see, when I told you Gary Johnson can't win, and Hilary Clinton can't lose, I left out the other option.  They can all not win; all of them.  The constitution of the United States says that a candidate needs 51% of the electoral college votes to win.  So if:

  1. The election is close, ( Which it looks like it will be, more than ever.)
  2. and Gov. Johnson gets one state, (Very possible)
... it is possible no one wins.  What happens then?  The House of Representatives gets to decide who becomes president amongst, wait for it, the top three candidates.  Boom!  They could pick Gov. Johnson to be the next president.

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