Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I was Wrong

I was wrong.  I said Trump didn't have a chance.
Walter thought he did.  He was right.

I sat down to make a post on Monday, but I couldn't really get interested in any subject except for the election.  And there was nothing left to say about that, right?  Time to resign ourselves to four years of Clinton.

I thought the number of people who wanted to vote for Trump were inflated.  The opposite turned out to be be true.  Some people have speculated that people who wanted to vote for Trump were embarrassed to say so.  Some people speculated that there is a large contingent who voted for Trump to try to break the system, and those type of people wouldn't participate in polls.  And I think,...
that I'm not very good at this, apparently.

But how does this affect me, Benjamin?

I think Clinton more capable of leading the country than Trump, just as a white collar criminal is more capable of leading a company than a blue collar criminal.  I don't think either are more moral.  I don't think either are going make the moral decisions on my behalf that I would.

I also think the gameshow host that says racist, and sexist things while he needed the support of the masses will be an embarrassment to our country in a way that Clinton wouldn't even approach.  But I do think there's a chance that the supreme court judges appointed by Trump will support the constitution.  I don't think that would have been true of Clinton.

And I'd like to end by addressing the people out there saying that anyone who voted "their conscience", instead of Clinton, only have ourselves to blame.
#$@&%*! you.  If you wanted my vote, you should have presented a candidate worth voting for.  You don't just get me to vote for whoever you tell me to just because the other guy sucks.  I did not elect Trump.  I voted for Governor Johnson.

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