Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Vote for Governor Johnson is a Vote for ...

I have some more thoughts on Governor Johnson.  Some people say, "A vote for Johnson is a vote for ..."  Essentially saying that he's not going to win, so your vote won't count.  That's just not true.  If you believe:

  1. Gov. Johnson cannot win the general election.
  2. Hillary Clinton can no longer lose.
  3. You are not happy with the choices offered.

, then consider this.  There are only two things your vote can do.

  1. You can increase or decrease her margin of victory.
  2. You can help a third party candidate get to 5% in the polls.

Decreasing her margin of victory is worth doing.  It sends a message to the house and senate that they can afford to vote their conscience instead of supporting her, and risk losing favor with voters.

Every state a third party has 5% of the vote in this election, will automatically have their candidate on the ballet next election.  That is a huge boon that party.  That saves a ton of campaign money, making that candidate much more viable.

Gov. Johnson's "gaffes" make him look bad.  I don't think it is bad to not know the name of that particular city overseas, or to stumble when asked to choose his favorite world leader.  I do think it makes him look bad.  He gave honest 'I-don't-know's' instead of suave deflections that comes second nature to most politicians.

Or maybe he is lacking on specific facts on the situation overseas.  Wouldn't you rather have a president dedicated to peace who needs to lean on his advisors for the details, vs the other two who seem dedicated to insulting and fighting with the rest of the world?

But even if you do consider those gaffes, he can't win, remember?  A vote for Gov. Johnson is a vote for more choices, it's a vote against the choices thrust upon us this election, and it's a vote for all other politicians to be free to vote their conscience.

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