Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Anyone Catch the Debate?

"What kind of moron hasn't decided on a political candidate at this point?"

I've heard that a lot, or similar sentiments.  But it's kind of a silly statement, in my opinion.  It assumes a dichotomy of voters who are undecided, and voters who have committed to a candidate, and are done using their brain.  I think Gov. Johnson is the best choice by far, but I am open minded, and did watch the debates.

I thought Trump was childish going in.  This debate did not change that.  What surprised me is how childish Clinton came across.  They spent the debate bickering back and forth.  You saw her smug smile every time Trump had to address an issue that made him look bad.  I'm sure Trump would have done the same, if Hilary had been asked any tough questions.

At one point Trump asked her why she deleted the emails.  Clinton says it was a mistake to have a private email server.  Whoops.  That doesn't even address the question, does it?  And why is Trump asking this question, instead of the moderator?  Trump was asked about his taxes, the birther issue, accusations of being sexist; to name a few.  Where were Clinton's hard questions?

But the real reason I posed this is what was said about the No-Fly-List.  The government makes this list.  No trial.  No conviction.  They think you might be engaging in wrong-think, and you get on the list.  Once you're on the list you don't get to board an airplane.  Clinton says she wants to use this list to deny people's second amendment rights.  Trump says, "I agree."

These are our two options.

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