Monday, August 22, 2016

Who would vote for Donald Trump?

Many people I know are very concerned that Donald Trump will be elected president, and very very concerned that we are finding out that we live in a country that would consider electing him president.  They are asking themselves, and others, 'Who would vote for Donald Trump?'  I have a number of thoughts on the subject.

1. Donald comes across as a raciest bigot.  I think that's partially because he is a raciest bigot.  But raciest people are not bad people.  They're just wrong.  They probably came to these conclusions through legitimate experiences that they misinterpreted.  If he was your racist bigoted grandfather, you would learn to accept him for the way he is, but not choose him to speak for you, of course.

2. I grew up as a poor white male.  Not poor as in starving.  Poor as in, never had pizza delivered because we couldn't afford it, and no pizza place delivered to my neighborhood anyways, because it was too dangerous.  Not poor as in, can't afford transportation.  Poor as in having to take the bus, and having to wait for it at a bus stop perpetually littered with safety glass because we couldn't go one week without someone smashing it again.  And it burned as the society around me seemed to agree about my white... male... privilege.  Donald doesn't speak to me, but he certainly seems to be the only candidate to ever speak to people like me, with my background.

3. A lot of people feel confined by our political system,  and confined by political correctness.  Donald is not the candidate the established political powers wanted.  He says whatever thought floats  into his head.  They may not be deep, but they're his, and he doesn't even seem know how to be embarrassed to have said them in front of polite society.

4. 'Hilary did X, Y, and Z, and you're going to come down on Trump for words?  Words?!!'
I've heard it a number of times.  I'm never going to vote for someone who says or does awful things, but keep in mind who is most likely to win this election, who many are trying to vote against.

5. It is clearly a flaw with our political system, but entertainers will be celebrities, and celebrity will get you quite a ways in the polls.  It's sad but true.  Take it from me.  I'm from Minnesota, and watched Ventura and Franken get elected.

6. People who take political polls are often people who have landlines, and always people who answered the phone when an unknown number called.  And they are not the same demographic as the American voter.

Now relax, people.  Get out there and vote for Gov. Johnson.  Don't settle.

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