Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Road to Roads

Imagine you want to go to a local business; it doesn't matter which one.  And imagine you are getting there by foot.  I think you'll find that the majority of land between here and there will be dedicated to vehicles.  You'll cross streets, and driveways.  You'll pass onramps, and medians.  Then, when you finally arrive, you'll find most of this business's land will be dedicated to parking these vehicles.  No one wants to walk anywhere because we've dramatically increased the distance between things with land dedicated to vehicles.

This is all to say, I need to buy a car again.  With several financial questions out of the way, I bit the bullet and paid that last outstanding debt.  This bill had gone unpaid for years, and it wasn't an accident.  It was a damage deposit kept from me, illegally I believe.  But time has past, and my desire for a car now outweighs my pettiness.

Eight days later, having received no confirmation of my request for a statement showing the debt was paid, I realize my mistake.  This credit agency never did report when I made my first payment; when I paid them all but the damage deposit years ago.  What made me think they would report this one?

So now I play the waiting game.  I think it likely I'll have to wait 90 days, then file a formal complaint with all three bureaus.  And a car will have to wait, while I rely on my super power once again.  I'm a patient, patient man.

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