Tuesday, August 30, 2016

No One Cares

Imagine you're watching a primetime television show and see a rape victim handing her rapist the baby conceived when he raped her.  The reason of course, he is the father, and it would be wrong to try to separate a father and son, no matter how much she personally dislikes them.  And at no time in this series, did anyone even use the word rape.

I love speculative fiction.  To me a story without a sci-fi or fantasy element is like panting in shades of gray and beige.  Sure it could be a beautiful painting, but why limit yourself?  Why limit a story to what could happen in reality?  Reality happens to me everyday whether I like it or not.  Lets hear a story.

Following these interests, I run into a lot of what they call, "third wave feminists."  They are very concerned with what they call, "rape culture," that they say is being promoted by popular media.  'A show targeted at straight men has scantily clad women?  Sexist!'  I recently mentioned a feminist friend who was boycotting The Killing Joke because it somehow promoted rape in her view.

Nowhere is this more prevalent in my life than at Convergence, a large sci-fi / fantasy convention in my area.  Instead of hearing about Batman, we have to hear the loonies go on about how pro-consent culture Stephen Universe is, and how Game of Thrones fans just like to see women brutalized.  But why didn't any of these rape culture people even mention Once Upon a Time?

What I described at the beginning of this post happened in Once Upon a Time, but the victim was a he, and the rapist was a she.  One character used magic to trick a man into thinking she was his dead wife, and had sex with him several times.  She eventually became pregnant.  No one ever said rape.  No one ever punished her for that.  They even tried to include her in the baby's life, because you know, she is the mother.

But he's the wrong gender, so no one cares.

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