Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Learning to Love my Glasses

Back in the third grade I was asked to explain my poor grades at a parent teacher conference.  I honestly answered that that by the end of the day, the chalk board was too cloudy to see clearly.  That ended that.  I was promptly brought into the eye doctor, and given an ugly pair of old man glasses.  It took about two weeks for the "responsible people" to forget.  The kids never did of course.  I went back to being half blind as soon as I had a chance.

It wasn't so bad really.  I could get pretty far by squinting in a pinch.  Otherwise, what do you really need to see that's more than 25 feet away?  I learned to identify people by the cadence of their walk, and body language.  It still comes in handy.

Eventually my mother agreed to buy me contacts.  Partially to get me to wear them, and partially because my glasses were always falling apart because someone never took care of them.  Might have been me.  The contacts were the monthly ones, which were a hassle.  By the end of the month they were quite irradiating, but they worked.

When I struck out on my own, I reluctantly went back to glasses.  I was too poor and lazy to keep that up.  And I had become addicted to my super vision.  I actually see better than 20/20 with them on.  What surprised me was that I learned to like them.  I started finding fashionable frames that fit me.  Nowadays my Oakley's are a part of who I am.  But should they be?  Have I become complacent yet again?

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