Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hold the Tan

I've since heard that dogs don't like hugs.

I'm a happy person.  I don't really know why.  I seem to be surrounded by people with all of the things in life that are supposed to make you happy, who seem significantly less happy than I.

I've been less happy since my dog bite.  I can't forgive him.  It's stupid and petty, but I can't, and don't want to.  I told myself I'd forgive him when the scars are gone, which should be never.  I'm very glad it was me though.  Me, and not one of the little girls always tugging at him.

I met a woman at a party, so of course we had to talk about my face.  The alternative would be to pointedly not talk about it.  She said I need to put the dog down for the sake of the little girls.  I told her that their parents are probably more qualified at being their parents than I am.  She told me it is up to me, and I should be responsible if they will not.  She had strong feelings on the subject since a family member of hers had kept a dog after biting someone, and that dog ended up killing their small child.

The day the monster bit me was the day before his family left for an eleven day vacation.  The stress of packing was probably an influence on the monster.  He is staying with the neighbor on my other side until they get back.  This was the plan all along.  This neighbor does not have the energy to walk him, so I've been walking him every day.  The owners did not tell her about the bite, and asked me not to.  She hasn't asked, and I haven't volunteered.

I continue to allow others to make the moral decisions for me.  That is, of course, a decision too.  Probably not the correct one.

As for me, instead of getting a tan before Convergence, I now plan to avoid the sun for the next six months.  I've been wearing a dust filter while I'm out.  And instead of planning to chat up pretty girls on my vacation, the new plan is spend it talking about about what's wrong with my face.

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