Monday, June 6, 2016

Free Comic Books!!!

Now that I have you're attention...  well, you actually can read a bunch of comic books for free.  Comixology is now owned by Amazon, and they've started doing a Netflix like subscription model.  That is to say, you can read as many as you want as long as you're paying for their service.  I say "free" because the first month is free.

They do not have Marvel or DC, which I believe are the two biggest names, but they do have a ton of popular distributors like Archie Comics, and Dark Horse.  Unfortunately, not ever title is on the unlimited list.  In fact, most are not.  Popular comics will probably only have the first few available.  Of course, less popular comics don't really run past the first few.  We're still talking about a ton of free comics here though.

And they're digital, which is far superior to their counterparts printed on slices of trees.  You don't need to worry about storage, or returning them, or should I take them with me.  And many are even a better reading experience.  Many Comixology titles have a per frame viewing option.  You can flip between the frame view and page view at anytime.

If you're a fan of comics, check it out, it's free.  If you're not a fan of comics, check it out, it's free.  You'll probably find comics of things you already love.  Even if you don't find the stories entertaining, it's often worth looking at just for the artwork.

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