Tuesday, June 14, 2016

... And Bring Your Swimsuit

It's summer time again, which means beach fun.  As it is the start of summer, the vast majority of my pasty white body hasn't seen the sun in eight months.  Which is what I was thinking as I was about to head out with some friends, and one of them casually mentioned, "... and bring your swimsuit."

Every year I tell myself that I'm going to get a tan before I expose my body to dozens of strangers.  Every year I procrastinate.  It stings even more this year, knowing how close I've come to my ideal weight.

So I spent the day at the beach, blinding friends and strangers.  And that single mother, friend of a friend.  Did I mention she's single?  You might be thinking, 'no one cares.'  The thing is, I'm the kind of person who can tan.  And I do have a tan on my lower arms, neck, and face.  I'm half mexican.  My black hair works fine with white skin, or tan skin, but not a mix of both.

And of course I burned.  Well never again!  Or at least not again this year.  I bought myself some SPF 15 (as apposed to my normal SPF 50 for my face) and I'm heading to the back yard, this week.  Today it rained, which is fine.  I still have some sunburn.

But mark my words.  If I can spend months getting to my ideal weight, than I sure enough can spend a couple of hours adjusting my skin tone.

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