Monday, June 20, 2016

A Terrible Fate

I write this nine days before Convergence, five days after the incident.

My neighbors, friends, and landlords, have a dog.  He is four months old, and they've had him for the last two of those months.  I see him every morning after work when I walk through our shared entryway.  I always poke my head in, and wave hello.  Sometimes he comes over, and I let him outside for a while.  This day I noticed he stuck his head up, and starting waging his tail, so I decided to walk over to pet him.  Then I made the mistake of giving him a hug.

The bite was on my nose.  It was so quick, and not at all painful, but I knew it was severe.  I stumbled into the bathroom, and was horrified.  It quickly became obvious that I wasn't going to be able to connect the pieces on my own.  I tried anyways.  I wasn't really thinking clearly.  Then even less clearly.  Then I was coming to my feet after having passed out.

I woke with a much clearer head, which isn't saying much.  I immediately decided I should not be alone.  That was right.  I decided I should go to my mother's.  That was a good start, but not exactly right.  I took an Uber.  When I got there, my mother took one look at it, and became visibly shaken.  I heard myself ask, "Maybe I should go to the doctor?"

Ding, ding, ding.  It really only took me two tries, if you think about it.

We took another Uber.  Uber is amazing, by the way.  When we got there, I didn't think twice before telling the people at registration what happened.  When I did, I saw them clearly considering getting the police involved.  They chose not to.  Maybe they should have.

They washed it out, and gave me a couple dozen stitches.  The stitches they used were made of animal gut.  I briefly thought of telling the doctor that I'm a vegetarian.  I wasn't feeling very kind toward animals at the moment though.  Later I realized that this is not as simple as killing an animal because it tastes good, so it really is a different situation.

The hospital was swift and efficient.  I expect it will cost an arm and a leg for such treatment, but I won't be the one paying it.  As for the monster?  His life remains unchanged, which is a whole 'nother blog post.

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