Thursday, May 26, 2016

Convergence 2016 - #2

In my last update about Convergence, I had spoken too soon about that hotel confirmation.  The truth is, the Convergence planning committee is really bad at planning.  A couple of years ago the line to check in to the convention on the first day spanned two floors of the hotel, and people were still being checked in at the end of that day.  They stood in line peaking in to the panels that were going on.

The hotel confirmation I spoke of in my last post was from Convergence, not the hotel.  But after several back and fourth exchanges, they finally sent their list to the hotels, and the hotels got back to us.  Not only did I get a hotel room, but it's in the DoubleTree.

I predict this to be a very different experience than I've ever had at Convergence before.  Traveling there in the past has not been like going to the store.  You need to find parking, often half a mile away.  And then walk that half mile in 90° weather, wearing a costume.

And I actually splurged on a room the night before, so I can wake up there the first day.  I'm expecting it to be $500 well spent.  And still a reasonably priced vacation if you think about it.

And my costume is on it's way.

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