Monday, May 30, 2016

A Chiseled Jaw

Guys with chiseled jawlines are bodybuilders, right?  But why would lifting weights increase the muscles in your jaw.  I mean, it might.  I don't know.

But I recently watched a video on Youtube talking about simple exercises for the purpose of improving looks.  This makes absolute since to me.  Why would I want huge muscles?  So I can break into the furniture moving industry?  Yes, I want to be healthy, but beyond that it's just for looks.  And what good is a chiseled jawline for other than looks?  In his list, this youtuber said to chew gum if you want a chiseled jaw.  It's stupid obvious if you think about it.

Is it unhealthy?
No.  It might actually be good for your teeth.  And extra jaw muscles don't seem to have a drawback.

Is it expensive?
No.  Name brand gum costs about 5¢.  I can chew a five pack for a quarter.  And a pack a day seems like enough.  And it's not like I'm getting no other value than the muscle gains.  It's a zero calorie treat.

So a few weeks ago I went for it.  It was harder than I thought.  Chewing one piece was fine.  But the second was harder, and the third piece in a day would give me a headache.  So I took it slow, and worked my way up.  I chew a pack in a day now, but my jaw is sore at the end of the last couple.

And my jawline?  I can't say I would be able to notice that about myself.  Maybe I should have taken before and after photos.  But I can say my double chin has noticeably reduced since I started.  In fact, it's pretty much gone.  Part of that might be that I've lost about a pound a week from eating less.  But I think this is a factor, and a good habit to have.

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