Monday, April 25, 2016

No Means No, Microsoft

It's a beautiful day, and I just can't stay cooped up.  I head to work early to enjoy all this sunlight.  When I get to work an hour early I start booting up the computers I use at work.  Everything is going swell; I'm even congratulated for upgrading to Windows 10.  Wait a minute....

What have you done to me Microsoft?!!!

I had to scratch my head at that one.  Not only did I not install Windows 10, I don't even have a copy to install.  With a full 57 minutes to fix my computer so I can do my job, I start doing research.  Turns out Microsoft has been silently downloading Windows 10 install files to people's computers via Windows Update without asking.  Then you accidentally hit Okay on a popup, and voila; you've been "upgraded".

A little more research, and I figure out how to downgrade back to Windows 7, AKA fix my computer so I can do my job.  I do the first time setup stuff... and it errors out.  Twenty minutes of troubleshooting later, and it still won't boot into Windows 10.  What an upgrade Microsoft.  You sure know what I want better than I do.

With 20 minutes left, and a big red whelp from where I've been banging my head against my desk, a thought occurred to me.  I can get to the EULA.  What happens if I say, "No"?  I know what happens with other operating systems; it just shuts down.  But I'm out of ideas.  So I try it.

"If you decline the license terms, you will exit the upgrade."

That's a risk I'm willing to take, Microsoft.  Sure enough, 20 minutes later my computer was back to the way I had left it before the weekend.  As for me and Microsoft; that's gonna take some time.

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