Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Other Side of the World - #6

Payday fast approaches.  I don't live paycheck to paycheck, so it's usually not significant.  This payday happens to fall on the anniversary of the day I left for Thailand.  It also happens to be the day I finish paying for that trip.  This is entirely a coincidence, I assure you.  I'm not much of a planner.  But when I realized this, I experienced a moment of clarity.

I can spend an entire month of Minnesota winter relaxing  in paradise every year.

It's stupid, of course.  I should be planning for the future, or whatever.  Or is it stupid to slug it out here, when I could be living for the moment.  I looked through some of my photos, and was shocked by a traitorous eye attempting to tear up.  I put a quick stop to it, but I got the point.  I'm very happy here, but I want more.

I think I've decided I want to take a two week trip every January.  That's reasonable.  And it doesn't have to literally be to the other side of the world.  There are a lot of places I've never been.  When I got back last year, I actually started planning exactly that for next January, January 2017.  I'm thinking Colombia.  It's less than $400 round trip for the airfare, which is almost $1,000 less than my last trip.

In the larger scheme, I think I'm going to start looking at living somewhere warmer.  Now that I'm back to where I was a year ago, it seems reasonable to buy a car.  But maybe I really just want to live somewhere with good mass transit.  Somewhere the weather is bearable all year round.  Life is too big to pidgin hole myself.

And lets not count out the Powerball.  It's over a billion this week. : - )

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