Monday, July 13, 2015

To the Diet... or How to Feed Myself - #5

Last year, as I approached Convergence, I made a plan for a diet.  I did some experimenting, and I did some research.  I found myself to be about 43 pounds overweight.  Then as soon as Convergence had ended, I committed.  I lost about 30 pounds.

Then a month long vacation happened.  Some may say I slipped, but I had never intended to remain on my diet during that vacation.  When it ended I'd gained almost 10 pounds back, and since then I made it about an even 10.  That means I'm currently about half way between my starting weight, and my ideal weight.  I think you could describe me as "chubby" again.

Last week when this Convergence ended I recommitted.  Last time I did lose 30 pounds, and this time I only have 20ish to lose.  The truth is, I won't know what my ideal weight is until I approach it.

The diet hasn't changed.  I still mostly just count calories.  I try to run a 1,000 calorie deficit a day.  I almost always come up short, but almost always run some deficit.  The surprising thing is, it was only really tough for a day or two.  It helped that I've been eating fairly reasonably since my vacation, even if I wasn't actually counting calories.

You can expect an update in 10 pounds.

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